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Issue 10 - March, 2008

Apologies that this newsletter is late, I took a pen and paper on holiday 3 weeks ago, expecting to channel something exciting as I wrote the entire of Book 3 “Life Unbridled – What Animals Teach Us About Spiritual Freedom” on holiday in Belize. As it turned out, I spent a good portion of our trip on the computer going over the edits and layout for Book 3 and it’s finally proof ready. Since I will be going to Book Expo America (BEA)
At the end of May, I wanted to have that as well as Book 2 “The Truth According To Horses” ready to show to publishers. It is the biggest show in North America and I will be there with USA Book Awards as “One With The Herd” was a finalist in their New Age category.

After that I have a week in between to visit Carolyn Resnick in Escondido. Carolyn, I believe is the best horse trainer in North America. She communicates with horses through a language she learned from wild horses as a young girl who managed to be accepted by a herd, eventually dancing with the stallion and riding the lead mare.

Her book “Naked Liberty” will be released in audio, and amazing to me she requested I do the audio. There were a few moments when the lump in my throat would not let the words out, having read the book 3 times and being emotionally attached to many of the stories.

You can visit Carolyn online at where you can order her DVD “Panadero’s Journey – Part 2” and learn about the 7 Waterhole Rituals, and order her book “Naked Liberty” to completely change how you think about training and communicating with horses.

In the last newsletter I talked about how there is only one consciousness in all life: “Every pig, chicken, dog, cat, monkey, rat, mouse, rabbit, horse, is a miraculous expression of the ALL in life.” I forgot to mention cow; and I have an interesting story to tell you about that. A year ago, Stump Lake Ranch below us, grazed their Black Angus bulls on the pasture flanking the road to our property. Every time I drove by, I would roll down the window and talk to them, thinking that they were the most magnificent and beautiful creatures I had ever seen. Well I, who has to be careful of what I think and say, happened to mention my infatuation to the ranch. Now the next part of the story is, I am being driven home from Kelowna, after our trip, by my friend Laurie Munsell (who contributed many pictures for the books) and she told me a story of how she had raised a baby bull and he had become a wonderful pet, and I of course told her of my desire to do the same (at the least it would be good for my horses who are terrified of cows to get a grip and possibly extend communication and friendship to a fellow creature)
There was a reverent pause in our conversation as a red-tailed hawk flew across our windshield and gave his blessing to what would ensue. (Hawks are visionaries and messengers.)

The next morning the ranch phoned to tell me our free-range beef was ready and they would bring it up along with a little surprise. A large horse trailer arrived and when the door was opened out walked the most perfect Black Angus bull – one week old with a white blaze on his head. (This could also be the pressure I need to resolve my ever increasing dilemma caused by both loving and eating animals.) I named him Tesoro (meaning Treasure in Spanish) and this little bull will definitely never be eaten! He is very smart and loves people (who provide a bottle of warm milk every 4 hours). So far the horses are very put out and even though I entreated them to love and mother the little orphan they won’t come within fifty feet of him. I know this will pass because it means they won't come into the barn to get their grain, and although they have enough body fat to last awhile, they are very fond of grain. The dogs have however included him in the dog family and he is getting lots of TLC from us.

From the Horses:

"Horses (and all herd animals) are extremely protective of their herd. Our survival is dependent on a concise and efficient communication system. All members must be aware of and responsive to all the other members at all times. We all have our own roles to play; from the lead mare to the dominant and submissive members. There is confusion and aggression when the herd's communication system is compromised. It is difficult when new horses come or go, as new order must be implemented. We are all very upset at the moment as not only a new member has been brought in, but one who we have no language or social order in relation to. He will need to respect our ways in order to maintain harmony".                

I think this will be an interesting experiment in love versus fear; a setting for empathy to rise to new levels.

“There are those who can see; who can trust their own intuition and hold it above the misbelief that abounds in mass consciousness. They somehow know or remember a truth held deep in our souls; they recognize the wisdom inherent in the myriad diversity of life. They see God in all life and the joy and love that wells up upon that recognition, spills over in a torrent. There is only generosity of spirit, empathy and service in gratitude for the enormity of the gift. Empathy, I feel, defines a God connection, for if we feel the unconditional love of that connection well up in our hearts we are simply unable to do other than allow that love to flow through us and spill over to encompass all life. This connection is never so apparent as in the natural world where all surrender to the current of the divine energy that is their source and their destination. A personal motive becomes insignificant amongst the splendor, the brilliance of a divine encounter. Similar to mass hysteria, the flood of emotion is all encompassing, and determines its own destiny; we are lost and we are found in that moment.” -Exerpt from book 3 "Life Unbridled".

The sequel to this communication from the horses is when I went out after to feed and play with Tesoro. I watched as the horses ran to the other side of the paddock. I then began to empower them and appeal to their sense of order. Paschar came first when I called and I told him how proud I was of his bravado and how he was a leader and would be the first to teach the new baby the ways of the herd. He visibly arched his neck and agreed. Then I called Diva and reminded her she had Quarter Horse blood and they were bred to herd cows. I also reminded her of when she helped the babies and being the dominant mare, was in charge of herd order. She came closer, flared her nostrils in understanding and could see that she would have the language to communicate her wishes. Then Winnie came over and I asked her to remember how lonely she felt when she lost her baby and reminded her that she could share her love with this one.  Then I told L.E. (Diva’s full sister) about her Quarter Horse blood and how she was the best head-butter in the herd (L.E. often head-butts me to remind me it’s time for breakfast.) and that was how horses pushed cattle to herd them. Well after telling each horse how they had a wonderful attribute for communicating with cows and an important message for the world about how we are all united and need to show love, tolerance, and interconnection by example, they all visibly sighed, relaxed and walked into the barn looking for treats! Mission accomplished...I  think.

This will be a busy spring and summer on Gateway with new visitors and several large events to attend. Thousands are now visiting the site monthly and wanting to learn more about our family here on the ranch. The animals have written 3 books now and excerpts from “Life Unbridled” which was co-written by my dogs and cats and horses will be on site in April. “One With The Herd” is featured now on several sites and is continuing to fundraise for new animal welfare groups. The original painting “Who Will Say Grace” was also done by Liz and presented at the March fundraiser for Equine Voices in Tuscon, Arizona. Please check the appearance schedule below to learn about interviews and signings in your area.

Blessings from Liz and the Herd.

Date: Location: Event:
March 29th, 2008 Kamloops, BC Chapters - Book signing
April 5th, 2008 Saanich, B.C. (Van Island) Healthy Horse Expo
April 15th, 2008 Ferndale, Washington Paradigm Shifters Radio -
Interview with Veronica Entwistle
April 25th - 27th, 2008 Red Deer, Alberta The Mane Event
May 1st - 14th Kamloops, BC Carolyn Resnick Clinic
and Stormy May Productions
May Kansas Better Horses Radio -
Interview with
May 29th, - June 1st, 2008 Los Angeles, CA. Book Expo America

*** One with the Herd was a Finalist in the New Age Category for the 2007 Best Books USA Award ***

Date: Location: Event:
June 2nd - 5th , 2008 California Various Appearances
June 6th - 9th, 2008 Sacramento, CA. Western States Horse Expo
Lisa Ross-Williams
July 5th – 6th, 2008 Puyallup, Washington Celebrate the Horse Expo

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