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Issue 11 - July, 2008

This newsletter is about two of my other than equine four legged children. I’d like to share their stories with you to illustrate the powerful consciousness of love in all life. When we communicate and care for all life on that level, then miracles happen!

The first is the story of my now 3 ½ month old steer. He was delivered to me as a week old baby whose mom could not care for him as she had another twin. I had never really met any cattle before so I treated him as I do all my animals. He spent the first two months mostly on my front porch, sleeping on a dog bed or in the dog house when the weather was bad. At any opportunity he would rush in the house and be happy on the living room rug. As he grew I thought he should learn from other grazing animals so I moved him to the pony pasture with its open barn. I play with all my animals, communicating with all my horses, dogs and cats by telepathy, body language and English. I had been doing the same with Tesoro (Spanish for treasure) and decided he was old enough last week to play with me on our play ground. This is where I take the horses to learn to play at liberty which strengthens our characters and relationship. I stuffed my pockets with all his favorite treats (carrots, apples, and horse treats) and off we went. He cantered after me leaping jumps, running across the wood bridge, through the swim noodles and for his grand finale ran across the large tires and got all four feet on the small tire and made a perfect turn on the haunches. WOW!! He was quicker than any horse I had taken there and did it all like a star performer. So much for thinking cows are dumb! We just need to learn how to speak with them.

The second story is about a baby mouse (about 1 ½ inches long) who arrived with my barn help, Sarah, one morning. She had been attacked by Sarah’s cats and looked like nothing short of a miracle would save her. I think the cats had injured her inner ear as she had no balance and would spin in a tailspin over and over. Her eyes were shut and it didn’t look like she would live long but I decided to take the challenge of sending a current of love and healing to her that was powerful enough to create miracles. I held her until I could feel a vibration of life strong inside her again and then nestled her in a bed of shredded Kleenex with some grain and water nearby. She continued to live and I would take her out every few hours and feed her wholegrain bread soaked in milk as she was small enough to be still nursing. Days went by and she was actually growing. I then started her rehab and would let her out on an area rug cradling her with my hand to make sure she learned to walk in straight lines and not the spins and circles she would do without help. After several days she got stronger still and now travels in straight lines with just a slight tip to her head. She won’t leave the area rug and somehow views its perimeter as falling off the edge of the world. I may never release her if she stays a bit disabled but if she continues to improve at the same rate it is possible she will be again the perfect little creature she was born. We are all powerful beings of light and create with our thoughts. I know that when we hold powerful, loving thoughts miracles continue to happen!

Imagine the possibility of communicating with all creatures at a level that transcends understanding their language and customs.

The interesting development is that although the horses, were skeptical of sharing their land with a bovine they are now beginning to appreciate that Tesoro is worthy of inclusion in their herd. He is so sensitive to their signals and moves away at the slightest pressure. Faster than anything I have seen on four legs he more than keeps up with the herd and shadows their every move with amazing precision. I think the horses are quite impressed and I have noticed on several occasions some sniffing and nuzzling going on between them.

From the Horses:

"We are all experiencing physicality as an opportunity for the All, which is the substance of us all, to grow and expand on the earth plane. The All being spirit cannot live on this plane without our physical bodies participating in this grand adventure. The All experiences through us, and that means all of us as created beings. We are somewhat embarrassed to be caught in our own web as we like to think of ourselves as great spiritual teachers and healers. When Liz told us Tesoro was going to be part of our herd we fell prey to some serious predjudice, something we had spoken against in book two, The Truth According to Horses. In chapter 10, When we are one (which is on the website under excerpts), we were critical of humans with their narrow perspective about non-humans or humans of a different race, religion, colour, etc. We are guilty of the same predjudice concerning Tesoro and our fear that he would somehow endanger our herd. We have over time realized that by the principles of one consciousness in all life, all minds are joined and Tesoro has learned to communicate with all of our family members - from Liz to the dogs to our herd. It really took Paschar and Micah (the yearlings) to be ambassadors for the older horses who were more set in their ways. We now travel together with the ponies Merlin and Arthur and Tesoro who all respect our customs and stay on the edges of the herd.

When minds are joined and open to the force of love there is no limit as to what is possible. It seems we are becoming larger and brighter, individual stars shinning together to become a galaxy of light."                

One with the herd continues to receive glowing reviews and daily emails from fans. At Book Expo America in Los Angeles last month, it won five independent publishers awards and impressed several large publishers. Distribution is still difficult and time consuming so if any of you have any great ideas or know any major distributors of horse/spiritual books let us know. They say "you're only six people away from anybody" so does somebody know somebody who knows anyone who knows Oprah? It certainly got Ekhardt’s message out there! Book two, three and four are waiting and ready to go to press if we can get her attention!

Happy trails to all of you, till the next newsletter.

Blessings from Liz and the extended Herd

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Liz Mitten Ryan