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Issue 13 - January, 2009

2009 is going to be an exciting year! Heading closer to 2012, you will become aware of an ever increasing higher level of consciousness. We will all be experiencing more telepathic and clairvoyant moments and a clearer connection to Universal mind. We are moving toward a new era of enlightenment.

Horses have taken on a major role in this rapid evolution of consciousness and are popping up in the media, in books and in conversation everywhere. We are talking of a whole new level of communication; one where partnership, harmony,friendship and communication are key phrases.

Then there is the strong focus on the Law of Attraction and Thoughts becoming things, made popular through videos like The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know. We are beginning to realize that we can “be, do, have” whatever we desire.

The big question is do we know what would make us truly happy; what are our hearts desires? Horses can help us connect to a higher level of vibration, find our true selves and ultimately learn to listen to our intuition and refine our focus. They help us connect on a level where it is no longer the little i but the big I living through us and our desires create miracles for ourselves and Life itself.

From the Horses:

Our purpose is very simple. Each is unique in an individual manner, but all purpose is synonymous with life. Each individual horse expresses life in a unique yet similar way. We are not here to advance ourselves, but to advance the creative genius of the All.

We are in constant meditation, perpetual communion with the essence of life, as it is expressed through our being. This is the purpose of life and our purpose in living. It is easy to be on purpose when one simply surrenders to the intuitive connection to the truth of being.

- Divine Edition, speaking for the herd

If you have had a chance to visit the new site you might have seen our Life Changing Workshops section. I have been offered various radio interviews to discuss the new books and the workshops. The next one coming up is with Veronica Entwistle at Paradigm shifters radio on Tuesday January the 13th at 5:00 pm.

Victoria and I did an interview last Friday with Natural Horse Network Radio and it was so successful that we have been invited to do a show every other Friday starting January 16th.

The topic is Life Changing Workshops with Horses

We hope to introduce the series and then invite other well known Horse people to discuss the topic. Here is a link to last Fridays interview which sparked the series.

I hope you can join us as “Life Changing” is what we are all in the process of.

- Many Blessings from Liz and the Herd




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Liz Mitten Ryan