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Issue 14 - February, 2009

This is just a quick newsletter to let you all know about the Natural Horse Network Radio Series about Life Changing experiences with horses. The show runs every other Friday starting on Jan 16th. Victoria, who did the first three shows with me, is off on a three month journey including seminars with Christopher Howard in Hawaii and England and will be improving her skills, Inspiring the Divine in all who come to the Life Changing Workshops this summer. The workshops are filling with some very interesting people and you can now download a brochure and map of the property on the workshop page

For the NHN radio show on February 13th (in honor of Valentines day) host D.C. and I will be interviewing Carolyn Resnick at 4:00 pm PST. We will be discussing developing a heart connection with our horses and her amazing ability to communicate using the "Waterhole Rituals", the language wild horses taught her.

On the 27th, Stormy May and Liz will be talking about her Life Changing video, "The Path of the Horse", the changes in her understanding and connection with horses and future plans. Liz, Stormy and Carolyn, along with many other well known horse people, are all represented on the new site

The third show on March 13th will feature Connie Funk, author of Beauty from Brokenness, the story of how a gift horse scared her back to life and her journey toward connection through Natural Horsemanship, including studying with Pat Parelli and Linda Kohanov.

From the Horses:

There is great exitement and celebration in horse consciousness everywhere. Horses are reaching out to their humans, inviting their participation in a whole new level of connection. People are becoming more aware of the importance of accessing higher mind, the one consciousness in all life. The future of the earth depends on the healthy functioning of our larger body, the All.
Diva explains in The Truth According to Horses:

"Examine the analogy of man as a vital organ in the body of the earth—let us say, the liver—which has functions that are numerous and essential.
The liver has grown out of all proportion, covered with a cancerous growth that is not only affecting the organ itself, but also the survival of the body that depends on it. The individual cells of the liver, each with their own intelligence, are running in all directions; they are fearful and have lost their connection to the unified whole. They are no longer in touch with the wisdom of the liver itself, and they are now at cross-purposes. The other organs go about their lives, functioning with their individual intelligence and in concert with the other organs, providing systems that nourish and support the body as a whole. The liver, however, is no longer performing its necessary function for the health, the very life of the body. Should the other organs fight with the liver and compromise it even further, or should they try to maintain harmony and support, in hopes that the liver will eventually regain its health?"
(Taken from 'The Truth According to Horses')

Life Changing idea isn’t it? I hope all of you are beginning to understand the exiting new potential in our resonating on a higher level where all hearts and minds are joined, connecting to the miracle of all life –loving our neighbour as ourself, whether that neighbour has four legs or two.

For now, Blessings from Liz and the Herd


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Liz Mitten Ryan