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Issue 15 - March, 2009

Kevin and I are off to Mexico until the 23rd of March and will be returning rested and exited to begin the building of the Spirit lodge and the Spirit wall tents for our Life Changing Workshops this summer.

There are many possibilities in the air, including discussions of a video and a reality T.V. series using footage from the ranch and the workshops. Any of you participating, be ready for the energy of this land and adventure to lift you to an exhilarating new level of consciousness and connection.

This newsletter is to offer any of you who would like to become an affiliate 10% off the cost of a workshop or $600.00 for each participant you enroll.
Please forward this newsletter to anyone you think would be interested in participating in a workshop and make sure they include your e-mail address as their reference when they fill out their application.

From the Horses:

"Horse consciousness has always resonated with higher truth. The following is from "The Truth According to Horses"

When you connect to us, you connect to a higher truth. We show you how to experience honestly, freely. We show you how to overcome your fears. We have given you a vision that all of you who connect to HORSE can relate to. Riding across the clouds on a spirit horse, no constraint—just you and the horse—at one. No fears; just freedom. This is the image we send you again and again. You are seduced by it. It is your ultimate desire to live life fully in that state. Yet again and again you recoil to that narrow perspective that is life lived through the ego.

How did you become convinced that there were limits in a limitless universe? We wonder, not being part of your delusion. On one level you understand the truth I speak, but on another, it threatens everything you hold dear. Why you hold it dear is unfathomable, as it does not serve you well. Riding bareback across the clouds, with no constraint, is one of your fondest desires. We can take you there. We can carry you across the clouds that block your understanding, that obscure
your vision. Listen to your heart, connect to our hearts, and trust what you remember to be true. It is all there inside of us—who we are. You have just forgotten. Wake up and let us help you regain your trust."


Liz Mitten Ryan
Kamloops, BC Canada V2C 6MI

Author’s Life-Changing Experiences with Horses Attract Visitors from Around the World to Undergo Their Own Remarkable Epiphanies in Exclusive Workshops on “Understanding the Infinite”

Remarkable setting and four award-winning books in three years bring to the world message of horses as spiritual equals, teachers, and healers.

Imagine a land where love is the guiding principle, where one’s consciousness and connection to Earth is the ultimate goal. A land where miracles are commonplace and spontaneous healings, connections, and a clear understanding of one’s life journey are natural occurrences.

Come experience Gateway 2 Ranch in British Columbia, Canada, home to crystals, vortexes, and natural flora and fauna as well as author Liz Mitten Ryan, her husband, and their fifteen horses. In this pristine setting, all things properly align for the highest earthly vision human beings can possibly experience.

Here, the free-roaming herd shares the barn/house with Liz and Kevin. Born to this paradise, the horses are loved and treated as family. Indeed, the animals of Gateway 2 Ranch have co-authored Liz’s four award-winning books. As a result, visitors come from around the world to seek the healing connection with higher consciousness this land and animals facilitate.

In the pristine grassland, lakes, and forests of Gateway, the horses interact at liberty, sharing their healing gifts and teaching the subjects of truth and intuitive connection.

Five exclusive workshops this summer will offer individual attention to eight participants per session. This all-inclusive experience in “Understanding the Infinite” will illuminate your life and personal journey forever. Facilities at Gateway 2 Ranch include a native spirit lodge and spirit quest wall tents.

Please visit for more details and to view the books and videos in the media section. Check out our brochure and map of the property.

Book your Life Changing Workshop today and be the change you want to see in your world!

Equines are resurfacing everywhere as teachers and healers. When we connect heart and mind with a horse, a powerful new relationship is brought to light.

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Liz Mitten Ryan