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Issue 16 - April, 2009

Just a quick newsletter to let you know about the changes in our Life Changing Workshops.
The first P.R. was sent to 1,500 media people throughout the U.S. and has resulted in some very exiting possibilities to bring the story of the workshops to the world. For this reason we are offering the workshops at an introductory price as outlined below. Book a friend and get an extra 10% off the cost of your workshop. We expect the workshops to fill quickly so if you are interested please fill out an application in the experience section for the workshop of your choice.

Life Changing Retreats at Gateway 2 Ranch Attract International Media Attention

There has been an overwhelming response from the international media about the sacred Life Changing Retreats planned for Gateway 2 Ranch in summer 2009. Liz Mitten Ryan is thrilled to announce that the message of the retreats is being brought to the world. Excited writers and film-makers are lining up to tell the story of this land where love is the guiding principle, one’s connection to Earth is the ultimate goal, and miracles are commonplace.

This extraordinary media attention will result in some wonderful changes to the pricing and description of the retreats.


Liz Mitten Ryan is thrilled to announce that, since media will be attending these inaugural workshops, a special price of $3,500 is now available to all participants. Payments will be adjusted accordingly for those who have already registered. This drop in price is only available for these first exclusive workshops taking place between July and September of 2009 which are limited to eight participants each.

Retreat Description:

A more detailed schedule and description of the retreats can now be found on the Gateway 2 website. This is a life changing experience where participants will connect with nature and discover their place in this vast and loving universe. The retreat spans six days of adventures designed to awaken the immortal spiritual self and lead to a level where peace, joy, connection and clarity are crystallized. Skilled practitioners will be available, helping each participant step through the gateway to follow their individual journey to enlightenment.

Attending the ultimate life-illuminating retreat just became so much more accessible. To begin your journey, visit


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