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Issue 17 - May, 2009

Prima has won the coveted Nautilus award for 'The Truth According to Horses' -the book sold out at the Mane Event in Alberta and is also available on Amazon and through the Liz Mitten Ryan website. "This book, a literary first, was conceived and written by horses for people. It is the second in a series of four books co-authored by Mitten Ryan and her animals." You can read more about the award at the North West Horse Source.

“You must look for your life” and ”whenever the good Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window”

Remember the Mother Superior in “The Sound of Music’? –those were her words.

As a young child they made perfect sense to me and have guided me through life.
They will change your life if you truly understand them and they are incorporated into the raison d’etre of the Life Changing Workshops.

We are all Unlimited God Beings,
We create Miracles when we understand focus and it’s effects on matter.
Our purpose is to express and extend the Grace, Love and Joy of the ALL (God)

The workshops will lead people through a series of experiences that will open those windows and help them find their path, that unique and special gift that only they can share. They will open your eyes to the miracles that abound when you finally invite them and to the true immortal self which has no interest in amassing a heap of worldly possessions only to leave them behind and be spiritually naked in the forever world of our time beyond this short Earth experience.

When we leave the confines of human mass consciousness. We are radiant Light Beings of Love and Joy

From “The Truth According to Horses”:

"Follow for a time in our footsteps. You will find a narrow path winding across the landscape. We follow one after another, making little impact on the earth. Our way is welcoming and non-obtrusive. We pause; we interact with our environment. There is no hurry; no concern. Our intuition is our compass and soul companion. There is a rhythm to our days. We choose to sleep under starry skies on a mattress of deep grass, sheltered from the wind and weather by a thick hedge of trees. We are curious of all we encounter, and our days are full of discovery. We do not care to change the world, but only to enjoy it.

Grazing is what we do best and it involves far more than nourishment for our bodies. It nourishes our souls. People should take time to graze. They hurry through unaware of most that they encounter, in a rush to succeed at whatever it is they desire. We don’t understand desire. Our needs are met. What else could we possibly imagine? We see people as confused, misdirected. There is one clear path. It is narrow but well defined and it is simple to follow. Why do humans head out in myriad directions, reeking havoc with the landscape? One builds bridges; the other makes dams. They think the grass will look better cut and they make endless work for themselves. They want to travel quickly, and horses offer too much commitment, so they choose cars or bikes. They want to fly across the heavens and they stuff themselves into metal birds.
Somehow they are missing the point. It is all perfect the way it is. You cannot improve on God’s creation. You can only enjoy it, or wander so far off the path that it is a struggle to make your way back.

How perfect is fur or feathers to man made inventions. How intricate the workings of each and every creature and their interaction with each other and the earth itself.
Man creates; man destroys. He cannot create in perfection, so there are always consequences. It is all a learning curve in his land of opposites.
True creation can only occur on the spiritual plane where all is perfect and there are no consequences.

Man regards animals who follow instinct as strange. Migrating caribou or lemmings are all completing a purpose that is profitable for the earth. Warring or self-destructing humans at cross-purposes. Not only do they not benefit the ecosystem, but they poison and destroy it.

We forever wonder when you regard yourselves as superior. In what way can you consider your misdirected ambition an asset to the earth? We simply commune; we appreciate. Your path is one of destruction. You enter the house of your host like an army with big dirty boots. You carry guns instead of plowshares and you mutilate instead of reciprocate.
We animals walk softly; we speak of peace and understanding. Our path is simple and our needs are small. Come and join, us even for a moment now and then. It is infectious, it is effusive, the peace you will find there."

The Truth According to Horses was conceived of and written by Prima and the Herd. It just won the coveted Nautilus award

Other news that is very exiting is that the July workshop will be filmed to further the message and will be aired through a major movie/TV producer. We will focus on two or three of the participants and their journey and life changing discoveries. There are also several well known writers and journalists who will be expounding on their journey in print. The Spirit lodge is well under way and is where Kevin is spending his every free moment.

Finally our Totem is coming all the way from Ontario and this is truly an example of manifestation.
The story begins with an e-mail from Colin Partridge in Ontario who expresses his love of my paintings. He then sends me pictures of his carving and I know that one of his totems must come and grace our Spirit lodge. We agree to trade. The strangeness begins at the delivery. I tell Colin not to rush, we have two months to complete the totem and arrange delivery. I tell him that it is my obligation to pay for delivery. Somehow he cannot hear and totem finished he is driving from Ontario, totem in tow and will have it here safely next weekend!
Nothing I say can stop him. All I can say is this is a very special totem. When I asked Colin how his carving came about and if he named them he said (just like Michaelangelo) –“the spirit is in the log and I simply uncover it” I will be asking participants to speak to the spirit and volunteer on a name!

Until next time, Much Equinisity to all of you!

-Liz and the Herd.

* This just came in from a friend and I signed the Petition.

Save the Wild Horses:

There are several bands of the larger herd of wild horses whose blood lines go back to the Spanish Mustangs first brought to western North America in the 1500's & 1600's, who have become endangered because of poaching by some local ranchers and now the BC gov't is considering the destruction of Fish Lake in order to provide a dump site for a big copper & gold mine project. There is a small group of business types in Williams Lake who are all for this mine, even though Fish Lake is part of the Chilcotin First Nation's land claims region.
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