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Issue 18 - June, 2009

My favorite month! Wildflowers, warm days and most of all a darling new foal. This is the first for Gateway and Edition Warmbloods. Winnie had a love affair with an Andalusian stallion, Padrino, bred by Bette Lynn of Mystique Andalusians and owned by Paul Dufresne of Training for Courage. Courageously Paul allowed Winnie and Padrino to share a paddock for a week and we witnessed such tenderness and passion –it was very beautiful and moving how they loved each other. I felt badly taking Winnie home. On June 2 the result of that affair, an Iberian Warmblood, beautiful, black baby girl was born. Prospera(wizard) is curious and trusting and Winnie is in heaven. Those who have read the books know that Winnie lost her angel baby Monet at ten months of age to colic and after 3 years of depression she is finally radiant again.
Tesoro has fully fledged to be a member of the horse herd and can be seen eating at the hay feeder and sleeping with his pals. He still follows me to the playground at the trot or canter, jumps up on the tires, and whoas on command. He’s still the biggest cuddle bug ever!
Gearing up for our Life Changing Workshops, we have been walking the property with Billa (Earth Shaman Practitioner) and invited a Geomancer to help decipher our many findings. Here is his report:

Sacred Connections:
Tyhson Banighen, Energy Detective, Geomancer & Dowser

I have just returned from walking the land and producing a geomantic map of the Gateway 2 Ranch which is off Highway 5A over looking Stump Lake. Thanks to Billa de Vries for taking me there and thanks to Liz Mitten Ryan and Kevin for their hospitality.
The land speaks as one powerful vortex of its healing properties for humans and animals alike. The ancient fir forest clings to the rock outcroppings on the dragon's back that breaths fire into the heart chakra of the land and all that visit.
This is a powerful place that heals those that visit and spits out those that cannot dwell in their heart chakra. This is truly a sacred land with sacred connections to the devic and angelic kingdoms. Galloping across this landscape is a herd of horses that have many things to say to humans that are willing to listen. Liz Mitten Ryan has been listening and writing down their communications into four books. I suggest you visit this place if you are ready for a life changing experience. There are weeklong workshops in July, August and September. I will be at one of them listening to the sacred land, the people and of course the horses. Hope to see you there.

Tyhson will be attending the August 2 -7 workshop with his wife Serah, so those of you lucky enough to be here then will truly see the world through new eyes. Tyhson is making us a map of his interpretation of the energy vortexes on the land. We have found a Merlin tree which can transport you to the heavens and the center of the earth just by leaning on it and a crystal skull (much bigger than the one in Indiana Jones), center of the heart chakra of the land. I think our most exiting discovery was after Tyhson left and Billa and I were walking the land yet again trying to decide which chakra was which when we realized… and we both stopped, looked at each other and said simultaneously through waves of goosebumbs and tears “that’s it! –this land has two of all the chakras (Gateway 2 ) one that represents the physical body and one the higher spiritual self. The only chakra not represented is the throat chakra and it’s two aspects are Liz and the Horses who were called to speak on it’s behalf.

This month Saddle Up magazine is premiering the first of a monthly column called Ask the Horses where readers will e-mail their questions to the herd and they will be answered in the next issue.The big radio interview this month is with Wendy’s Animal Talk in L.A. on June 23 and it’s 6 million listeners. There are many new recent interviews in the Media room for those that missed them. We will also be putting up some clips of the first workshop when the film is edited. By the way Dana Williams our EFT, hypno-therapist etc. practitioner would like to tell all the participants that she is connecting with them energetically and getting ready to offer them huge changes in their lives.
Full steam ahead on the infrastructure for our first workshop July 5 to 10. The setting for the Spirit Lodge and wall tents is magical. There are ready made pathways to each place(deer and horse made) and we are just hoping they don’t run up on the sod roof of the Spirit Lodge to look in the pyramid skylight!
The Horses asked me to remind you to see in them your own reflection –Love reflects Love.Wisdom, Truth, Joy, Freedom and Abundance are ours. When we remember it is all given.
Kahlil Gibran once said “Beauty is Life when Life unveils it’s Holy face, but you are Life and you are the Veil”
As the animals said in Chapter 7, Beyond the Veil in ‘Life Unbridled’ (which I forgot to tell you just won a gold Ippy and a Gold Indie award!)

From Ben (Min Buddha Ben Puss Ha):

"It is interesting how you humans say one minute that God is within all life but then narrow that statement to "We (meaning humans) are the image or essence of God" If God is within all life, then why would some of that life be more like God than others. Here in spirit, it is all very clear that form is a temporary expression. My consciousness, which is a segment of the ALL, can express in any form I choose. I can experience a flower, a sunset, a cat, a fish, or a man. I am simply consciousness that takes shape according to my thoughts. When I am experiencing different forms, my consciousness is still "I" and if you examine the semantics, everyone and everything identifies with "I" We are all "I", a point of consciousness, and we are all no different from each other as far as consciousness goes. Because I choose to manifest as a cat, does not make me less worthy. We have, and will, experience all aspects of expression. The big difference with humans is that they have forgotten all this. When they separated from the ALL, and all other aspects of the ALL, they became self absorbed and developed a belief system of their own. Their truth is not universal truth and they have become blind and deaf to information that might contradict their belief. When you all believed the world was flat, it took many brave adventurers to dispel that myth. To go beyond the veil, at least when you are experiencing on the physical plane, you need our help.
Instead of cataloguing us as lesser beings, entertain the possibility that we are just different. Explore what we offer, - talk to us, spend time being open to our energy and the energy of nature. You will not find people who live in nature who are apart and separate from the rest of life. They communicate and share with all things living. When you do this we will take you beyond the veil, for we have not forgotten the truth and isolated ourselves in a finite world of opposites. You, the supposed intelligent ones have used that intelligence to invent your own world. You thought you could do better than the ALL, but you are beginning to see evidence of your error. You have repeated this pattern for all time, thinking: my country, race, religion, house, clothes, car, thoughts, are better than yours, and as a whole your species is better than all other species. Don’t you see where all your competition has got you? There will always be another to argue with you. We animals do not compare. We go about our business of "isness." Being is all we experience and we share that being with all creation. Let us take you to the place of truth, where there are no opposites, no differences, - a place where there is only spiritual freedom, - beyond the veil.

Until next time may your eyes and hearts be opened and may Equinisity grab you and not let you go!

- Many Blessings, Liz and the Herd.

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