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Issue 19 - July, 2009

The first workshop over and a unanimous success, the last few participants have returned to places far away. The first Life Changing Workshop ran into a natural Horsemanship clinic with Jonathan Field so several participants were here for two full weeks and Gina Morro, a behavioral analyst and natural horsemanship expert who came from Rhode Island to help Liz with the horses, left as family after almost a month! Next year we are already planning to do the same and as well offer animal communication workshops with some very famous communicators as well at the end of some workshops. Everyone involved in the workshop left a part of their hearts forever at Gateway and with their new-found friends.

There were unexpected and miraculous manifestations had by all. Some of the most noteable… Michele, whose power animal is the white buffalo, first day out finds a buffalo horn, centuries old, and as her session with Billa unfolds in front of a huge rock face, there behind them and captured on film forever, is a much larger than life baby buffalo head resting on it’s rock pillow! Later that day as we head to the Crystal Skull, an enormous rock surrounded by it’s directional companion rocks (there are many on Gateway that line up with the four directions of the compass) which has been photographed clearly as an Egyptian pharaoh head suddenly has no face. It has been completely wiped off, - then appears as an alien monkey face. We have all three faces on record!

Next day we head to the old growth forest (the Arthur/Merlin woods ) and many erupt into fountains of release as they connect to the presence of giant conifers, centuries old and clear channels to source.

On the horse front we have amazing healing sessions on the massage table with horse healers exponentially moving blocks along with Billa and more bizarre encounters with the other gateway animals, dogs and cats included, who all pitch in to help Billa and Dana get to the heart of their transformational work.

Our writer/photographer, Shawn, falls madly and reciprocally in love with four year old Miro and they ride bridle and saddle-less around the pasture. Margrit, a Parelli, Hempfling student from Great Britain has Diva performing on the playground and Jane, a natural horsewoman from Australia is riding seventeen plus hand Luxy with one hand (the other having arrived in a cast) Kerry, quiet but massively powerful healer from New Zealand is holding energy in the paddock with the visiting horse healers. Liz and Tesoro do a demo over the jumps and on the tires that embarrasses the horses and all at their ineptness by comparison (scenes will be in the bloopers at the end of our movie)

Unplanned, but important as well, participants are subjected to cold showers for three days to help break down their connections to material comfort.(This is now fixed so don’t worry!) The surprising result however is profound gratitude for the simple pleasures in life.

Meals were fabulous, wine flowed and camaraderie verged on old friends and family. We made mandalas (a complete surprise was had by all) and prayer bundles, drummed and rattled, (an hilarious presentation was given by Liz and Billa one night in the Spirit Lodge!) All of this was captured on twenty-seven hours of high definition film, dialog, and set to a magical musical score ( divined by Liz to set the stage and tell the story of the awakened journey.) The mission now is to condense it to a five minute trailer for You Tube and an hour and a half movie.

The most amazing gift was that all present, practitioners, participants, the land and the animals pioneered new frontiers in consciousness, connection and manifestation. Hearin lies the SECRET and the Gateway times two. Another discovery was the presence of not only one of each Chakra on the land but two of many and as well two, three and up to five trees all growing from the one base as the energy here is so powerful. Here the physical and spiritual planes merge lifting one to a newfound resonance with oneness and love.

As well as the movie, look for articles and pictures thanks to our wonderful photographers that captured this unbelievable event in crystal detail.

From the Horses:

"We have waited for this event since the beginning of our message for mankind. This is the dawn of a new era of spiritual evolution of the symphony played between all species, all minds. Language,custom, race, religion, form, are simply the creative splendour of the ALL in myriad diversity.When we are joined in the moment, in love,we are all miracles in the making. Relax,let go of your limits and join us in the dance!

Absolute TRUTH and absolute LOVE,
- Liz and the Herd


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Liz Mitten Ryan