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Issue 1 - March, 2006

"We have come a long way my friend, through uncertainty, confusion,
misinterpretation; carried by the wings of love to a far greater understanding
than we could ever have believed.
Imagine a world where all minds are joined in the quest for greater understanding. You and I can change the world, one mind at a time.

-Premiere Edition (Prima)

One with the Herd™ is the official newsletter of Liz Mitten Ryan and a group of very special horses, the "Edition Warm bloods" who live on Gateway 2 Ranch in the Nicola Valley of British Columbia, Canada. This particular herd (presently numbering thirteen) has the luxury of living as a wild herd on 320 acres of grassland, forest, meadows and lakes. They each have their immediate family members, and together are descended from the original four mares, all half sisters from the same sire. Unlike a wild herd however, when the Edition Warm bloods return to their barn, they are afforded the benefit of a loving supportive interface with humans. Above all they are respected as important spiritual beings of immense value with much to contribute to the evolution of life.

Over the last year these horses and their owner Liz Mitten Ryan have co-written two inspirational books; manuscripts of essential information for those who love horses and gifts of the earth in general.
One with the Herd™, the first book, tells their story and explains the setting of their unusual circumstance, and book two, The Truth According to Horses is a communication of their deepest understanding of life. (Both books are filled with stunning photographs and art)

Hence the newsletter: "Here we (the horses and Liz) aspire to bring awareness to this quest, to inspire and instruct readers with their own horses via e-mail and questions, to keep you up to date with the latest goings on, and share the horses revelations and ideals."

We are now experiencing the birth of some very exciting times. The consciousness level of all life on earth is increasing. It is truly time for us to share this world in understanding, as equals. In the very near future we will look back at this time in disbelief at how we could have considered ourselves to have "dominion" over our fellow beings; whether human or animal we are all unique parts of the larger spiritual entity that the horses call the ALL.

Horses seem to be at the forefront of this movement towards communion and kinship. They are now forerunners in the field of therapy: physical, mental and emotional; they even have their own 24hr television channel. Horses are being recognized as teachers and healers; the power of their spirit reflected in the largeness of their being.

FROM THE HORSES: (Limited Edition, (L.E.) speaking for the herd)

"Speaking for the animals, we are here as fellow beings on this planet to bring perspective to our mutual journey. How differently do you view the world in our company and on our backs? Just being in our presence brings you joy, peace, love and freedom. We accept you unconditionally. It is time to let go of your limited thinking, to believe in the possibility of one mind, one life. We are all that one being; that one becoming. Together we are evolving to become the possibility of our most cherished dreams.

Fear is the only barrier. Let go of your fear and remember the garden; we are waiting for you to join us. We will help you - just speak with us as you do each other; send us the picture in your mind and trust in your intuition when we answer you. Spend time with us without agenda, like you would a friend. Entertain the quiet that is found in nature; release the need to control each situation and you will find the treasure that lies buried beneath your ambition. We are all one with God and God is all there is; relax and enjoy the experience."

Kevin, my husband, invented a wonderful word the other day, which embodies this quote from One with the Herd. "I am living a dream that continues to expand beyond the boundaries of my physical self, to the greater soul of all life, where what I dream for myself is a gift for all to enjoy, and what I give to all life, I give to myself. Life is discovering itself through us".

The word is "EQUINISITY" - the gift of finding the unexpected and truly important perspective through the clear and almost 360 degree vision of the equine.

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