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Issue 3 - July, 2006

"Joie de vive" - Joy of life is what my horses bring me. Particularly my first born Prima. She is opinionated, moody, difficult to say the worst, but on a good day she makes my heart sing. Actually even on a bad day she is my reason for being. I adore her. I'm not sure how many other horse people feel this way but it is similar to how I felt about my first born human child. She was perfect! I was blessed! It did not seem to matter what she did, it was charming!

Prima is eight years old now and we have worked on our relationship with the help of teachers and trainers from the time we first joined forces. It is now almost poetry, our relationship, and I am more in love than ever. My favorite activity together is riding in the hills with a halter, either saddled or bareback.
I trust her implicitly, I know her every thought, and she knows mine.
My aides are light as thinking, lifting my energy or sometimes a word. We are partners in a dance that is ours alone.
I have no need to control our relationship it is a partnership; we are in harmony. Sometimes Prima will volunteer the pace and other times I will. It just feels good! We don't have any hard and fast rules - we are friends, lovers having fun together and I laugh at her sometimes ridiculously evasive behavior or in retrospect I realize it to be a training maneover targeted to refine my aides. The other day in a lesson in the ring everytime I would look at my teacher Prima would side pass over to her. It soon became apparent that I should direct my focus to where we were headed which was around the track. What an incredible lesson she had given me!

Just the other day I decided to start Prima's two year old son Picasso. Wow, he felt just like his mother! (maybe less moody) I threw a saddle on him, mounted, and he (from all our ground work and games) took it all in stride. So soft, relaxed and willing - it was simply a fun adventure for him.

Moments like these are the rewards of having a relationship with horses. They are what bring us out of the snow and rain, through traumas of day to day horse events, and inexplicably bind our souls forever to the magnificent energy that is "HORSE."

It has been a busy last two months here on Gateway 2 with breeding (Epona and Magic) and working on "One with the Herd". The editing, copy editing, cover and good portion of the layout have been refined and honed to hopefully a shining finish. The publication date is early October and it will be available to order August. Although I was amazed at being called to write Book One and Two ("The Truth According to Horses") I went on holiday to Belize with a pad of paper and a pen and unbelievably came home with Book Three - "Unbridled - What animals have to teach us about Spiritual Freedom." I certainly did not expect it, but the animals (and this book has input from my dogs, cats and horses) have a lot to say. I believe they have been patient for far too long and the time for them to teach us is now.

Our planet is at a crisis point. I heard talk the other day, that we were in fact well on our way to World War Three which seems to be a human dilemma. Animals co-exist in harmony with each other. The more they share their secrets with me the more joy in life I contain.

FROM THE HORSES: (Limited Edition, (L.E.) speaking for the herd)

"First of all we are encouraged by the ever growing interest in our species. As the consciousness level of all life on earth is increasing interspecies, telecommunication is becoming more common. Because animals are not held prisoner by the ego when you connect to us you have access to higher consciousness in general, and connection to higher consciousness is the ultimate freedom. It is our purpose to teach you the way to freedom and to help you to refine and strengthen the qualities that will lead you there. Those qualities are absolute truth, clear focus, higher authority and complete trust.

We are powerful reflections of your choices. Allow yourself to walk towards peace, unconditional love and communion with all life and we will meet you there."

Winning Question from Newsletter 2
By Rylan Deon, Gibsons, B.C.

“How would you like people to treat the world?”

The Herd's reply:
"As they would have the world treat them. Like a friend or family, - someone you love, - someone you cannot live without."

Wishing you all health and happiness.

- Liz and the Herd.

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Liz Mitten Ryan