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Issue 4 - October, 2006

September finds us once again looking for the perfect "Executive assistant to the Horses." Helen, who came to us last February, we wanted to keep forever, but she was offered a great teaching job (which is her profession) and she tearfully had to accept. We, the horses who absolutely loved her, and I, are looking for a perfect replacement. Helen was happy, kind, willing, and multi-talented. She put on her barn hat and shoveled stalls, then scrubbed up and helped me with all of my computer work, including the newsletter. Had she been a Parelli instructor or natural horsewoman/trainer, she would have been impossible to replace. We none the less spent many happy hours with the babies and riding in the hills, and sharing the occasional glass of wine while absorbing he view. This summer, Magic (age 3) and Picasso (age 2 ½) had their first riding lessons. It's interesting when you start imprinted babies as they are not at all concerned with saddles or someone on their back. I just use a halter and have someone lead me around the ring until they get the idea, as the biggest problem is getting them to understand that they need to move forward. Both babies are now happily exploring the property under saddle following along after their moms on trail rides, both acting like they've done it for years.

This time of year always fills me with wistful remembrance of the spring and summer, and great appreciation of the 2 remaining shoulder months before possible winter. It's not that I don't enjoy the snow and the pastel beauty of the land, it's just that as far as I am concerned 2 months would be plenty. Spring brings new life, new foals, to Gateway and I can hardly wait. 2007 will see Epona (bred to Sandstorm (a pinto and Monet's sire) and Magic (bred to Pacific Star (her sister Serene and Miro's sire) as first time mothers. It will also see the launch of book 1, "One With The Herd" in February, and book 2 "The Truth According To Horses" in August. We made a last minute decision to print in China as the cost was considerably less but the time of course is much longer, so we will have a link on the website to order in January.

I am very excited about the messages in these books, as I know this is the time in our history for animals to be recognized and heard. We have a lot to learn from them as well as the discovery of a new and meaningful relationship that will open new frontiers in our personal and planetary growth.






From Book One:
"We humans all are rooted in the history of our past. We have lived closely connected to the earth and its creatures. We know a simple truth that is somehow reawakened in nature. There is a distant memory that dances in our souls, in unison with the spirit of the earth. That spirit flows freely, through the hearts of those who leave the confines of their individual identity, for the greater truth of their soul. That soul is one in the community of all life, and knows that oneness in its fondest dreams.
Horses have an ability to break through the barriers that keep us separate. They push our parameters and stoke the fires of our fears, until they blaze fiercely, and exhaust their fuel, leaving behind the ashes of their passion.
Therein the after glow is quiet reflection and inspiration. Like a phoenix rising, we draw power from the flames, and drifting skyward breathe in the atmosphere of lightness and love. Beyond our earthy confines, we remember who we are; we are all one and the same."

From The Horses: (Limited Edition, (L.E.) speaking for the herd)
"This is a time of great change. Animals are stepping to the forefront of interdimensional communication. Everyone alive today was born to an era when humans followed one path and animals another. It is time for us to reconnect with the Earth and each other. There are many secrets that you have overlooked in your hurry to succeed, -to accumulate material wealth. It is spiritual wealth that is the uncorruptable possession. We have many gifts to share with you, and we encourage you to hear our voice. All that is necessary is to spend time in our company without agenda. Observe our behaviour in pasture with our fellow horses, walk with us, interact without restraint, listening and talking, grooming and playing. There is far more to learn at play than at work. We are waiting to meet with you at that place where we are equals, and encourage your friendship."

Winning Question:
This month's question to the horses is a rather earthy one from previous barn help Suzanna:

"Horses why do you pee in the barn where you sleep?"

The Herd's Reply:
"People, - why do you shovel our pee? We pee because you shovel. Is that not the way things are? -Cause and effect, effect and cause. I suppose in the beginning, it was because you wanted to confine us. When we are free, we do not pee on our food. We eat, we pee, and then we move on. It is you who have created this dilemma. You confine us to our beds, our food, and you make compartments, -compartments that are too small. In the wild we simply move on to greener pastures. If you want to keep us, you must do just that."

…It makes you wonder who is keeping who…

Since my initial scribbling of this letter new barn help has been found, Nicole and Lindsay. I interviewed them separately, and when they met both girls decided to share the cottage and the job. In their late teens, Nicole is headed towards Equine Massage Therapy, and Lindsay is at college and working on her Level 3 Parelli. Both are natural horsewomen and have computer skills as well. Nicole is now my new secretary and scribe for the newsletter. The lesson is to be open to change and expect miracles. It is our expectations that manifest in matter.

Until December have a great fall,
Blessings from All,

- Liz and The Herd

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Liz Mitten Ryan