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Issue 5 - December, 2006

Gateway is now covered with a foot of snow and winter is underway. Lately I have been doing a lot of horse watching through the window as I sit at the kitchen table with my pen and paper or catching up on the many emails. "One With The Herd" is presently in China and bundles of page proofs are traveling back and forth, -it's going to be beautiful.

I didn’t tell you about my September visitor. I had been reading every book I could get my hands on pertaining to publishing and marketing and had found several by Marilyn Ross. (Complete Guide To Self Publishing, Jump Start Your Book Sales) I decided to contact her about marketing and we began to email each other. She badly needed a vacation, so I invited her to the ranch to holiday in the Gatehouse for 10 days. When she realized how much help was needed on the book, and being slightly debilitated after a little fall off of Diva, the vacation turned into a work session. I did feed her well and plied her with lots of good wine.

Anyway the outcome is Marilyn is now my new publisher and in charge of promotions and I know that the book has every chance of being a big success.

Following Marilyn’s advice, the website has been completely redone and the book can now be ordered onsite or by calling an 800 number to the fulfillment house in New Hampshire. "One With The Herd" now has its own address or you can go to books on

This month we are sending advance copies out for review and contacting magazines with articles. Prima had her first article published in New Age Magazine, an excerpt from Book 2 entitled "Wisdom Straight From The Horses Mouth." Anyone who is interested can view it at

The horses are telling me it's their turn to share their thoughts: What we would like to share with you this newsletter is the concept of as you believe it will materialize in your life. You humans always default to the scientific viewpoint. As you are becoming more aware your science is changing . How do you explain away different results for the same experiment depending on the belief of the scientist.

Try this with your pets. Start believing that all minds are joined and in fact that they understand not only limited concepts but what you believe they can understand. You, the creator of your world, are the one imposing limits by that belief. As the consciousness level of all life on earth is increasing, many people are spontaneously beginning to understand and communicate with all life - this includes plants and minerals and the earth itself. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" - for they are you - we are all one.

From Book 3 "Life Unbridled - What Animals Have To Teach Us About Spiritual Freedom":

“Cats, dogs, and horses have been your companions for millennia, - we have surrendered our fate into your keeping, - such is our trust in you. We know your hearts and your spirit, and we know that there, you are free. It is your minds that limit and confuse you. Turn off the chatter, -let go of the confusion and allow the stillness, - the quiet to fill you with its peace. The peace is within us all, but you revisit it only in moments. Stay awhile longer – let us take you there and sit beside you in communion and worship this most precious gift. It is there we can speak with our hearts and share in the memory of our true kinship with each other and life itself. We are all children of the earth, seeded from the heavens where the ALL shines eternally. We are eternally spiritually free, and when the memory awakens, we become fully actualized spiritual beings on this and all planes. We must give all to have all, - that is the secret.”

Wishing you all wisdom, truth, joy, freedom, abundance and love this holiday season. At this time when we celebrate the birth of Christ. May the Christ be born in you, and may this new year hold the promise of living "living life unbridled" as the animals teach us.

"A deeply insightful and visionary book!
One of the strongest features, after the imagery of the overwhelmingly beautiful and touching paintings, is the extra powerful entwining of thoughts and actions. They are thrilling!"

~Albert F. Egar, PhD, MBA, BsF.
Andalusian horse breeder


One With The Herd: A Spiritual Journey
Spiritual truths revealed in lessons rich in emotional depth and intellectual penetration. Author Liz Mitten Ryan connects with the higher consciousness of “HORSE” and nature’s wisdom in this book of insights on how our planet – and we ourselves – can achieve peace, freedom and joy. Releasing ego and connecting to higher consciousness is this inter-species message. Dozens of professional paintings and photos by the author. Elegant coffee-table gift book!

Order your copy today!* or call 1-800-345-6665.

*Shipping and Handling to US is $6.00 - All shipments into Canada will be shipped Global Priority Mail at $8.00 for the first book ordered plus $2.50 for the second. Request a shipping quote if ordering more than two books by e-mailing or call 1-800-345-6665.

If you are visiting your local bookstore, please share with them that "One With The Herd: A Spritual Journey" will be available to the trades through Ingram or they can go to the site for more information. -Thank you for helping the animals be heard. We will be selling a good portion of books through animal welfare sites like PETA, ASPCA, The Humane Society, Animal Protection Institute, and others.

If you have any ideas of groups that could use our help in fundraising please email us.

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Liz Mitten Ryan