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Issue 6 - February, 2007

According to my sources spring will be early this year. The horses are in agreement, already shedding in earnest and wistfully taking expeditions in search of new grass. This climate has such distinct seasons and after 4 months of huddling to stay warm we are all expectant and excited, anticipating a bursting forth of new life. Epona and Magic are beginning to look like beached whales, but so are several others who have stocked up to stay warm. The majority, including the dogs are on a bit of a diet.

Birthing is coming up soon and this includes "One With The Herd" which is still in China. The minute it is off the press we will be flying some over to fulfill orders (hopefully by the end of the month) I am very excited about fundraising for animal rights and animal welfare groups and to date have found dozens of groups working tirelessly to create a better world for animals.

Some sites that you may want to visit:

Another very exciting site which has nothing to do with horses, but is changing lives and will absolutely change the world is The
I have sent dvd's to dozens of friends and family members. What a powerful show when the teachers from The Secret were on Oprah the other day! (yes you heard right - we now have satellite T.V. and I can watch Animal Planet all day!)

From The Animals:
"We are all here on Earth living in a time of great change. Because of our communication systems a small change in consciousness can effect millions of minds, - an individual can change the world. We often hear you say "What can I do? - I am one small person?" You can hold the integrity for your whole species, you can maintain empathy for other species and for the whole organism of the earth. It is exponential, - all minds are joined. One mind touches many others who in turn touch many others and soon mass belief tips the scales in a whole new direction. Don't be content with the status quo. Examine your values, connect to the purer, higher consciousness that emcompasses all of the natural world and then listen to that intuitive connection. This one aspect of existence that we are now experiencing will be over in the blink of an eye and what will be left but the intangible qualities that are ours forever."

From Book 3: Unbridled:
"Consciousness is ALL and ALL is consciousness. There is only one consciousness. When you realize the implications of this truth you realize that thoughts anywhere in the world, human or animal, are all avaliable. It is harder for humans to tap into the consciousness of ALL, but it is possible, and even more so, when we connect with animals and nature. Like Monet says, you must make it routine. It is similar to meditation, but a meditation done in the company of animals and nature. It is particularily easy in the presence of horses, as the vibration of their energy is large and of a high frequency."

"The reason animals are all connected to consciousness is that they have not formulated any rules or limitations as to how the world works, - they simply respond to their intuition rather than discounting it as unscientific. Science is beginning to discover that infinite possibility does not follow rules."

I have heard of several examples lately of individuals making a difference in accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

Again on Oprah:
One lady read a New York Times article about a 7 year old child sold into slavery by his parents to several years of hell fishing in a small village in Africa. He got up in the pitch dark at 4:00 in the morning and although he couldn't swim, he was forced into frigid waters to check nets. Shivering in a t-shirt he was given one meager meal a day.

That lady tracked down the little boy and saved not only him but 6 others in the same circumstance. She was given a standing ovation on the Oprah Winfrey Show - a first despite all the celebrities that graced her stage!

We can all in our individual way, make a difference. Act on what you care about and don't forget to get a copy of "The Secret" and remember: "Your mind is actually shaping the world around you - thoughts become things!"

Blessings from All,

- Liz and The Herd

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Liz Mitten Ryan