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Issue 8 - September, 2007

Fall already - It certainly feels like it and the dry dust of summer has turned to mud with all the rain we have had lately. It was an eventful summer with lots of visitors. Filmmaker Frank Callaghan and his wife Diane came to produce a promotional DVD for One With The Herd. The horses loved it - Prima was sure that she was the star and cruised in front of Frank at every opportunity. Friends Mike and Mardi came to join in, and their kids along with my grand daughter Kaia, took up with the baby horses and put on a good show.

The DVD is fabulous and will be aired at the book signings throughout the fall and the Mane Event in Chilliwack, B.C. on October 19, 20, 21. One With The Herd has had some 5 star reviews and Liz has been busy getting the word out in newspapers and on radio which has the advantage of being accessible from the kitchen table where dog and horse noises create the atmosphere.

Wonderful connections over the web have found other Spiritual Masters, trainers, publishers, and talk show hosts who are finding the magic of horses through friendship and communication and enjoying a natural relationship free of intimidation and domination. There is a whole new world to be found beyond hitting and kicking; one free of bits, spurs, and crops.

One interesting visitor that completely won the affection of the Horses was Reiki Master, Judith Onley. Over the summer she spent several weeks at Gateway working with Liz, Kevin, and the horses. The Horses would gather around a massage table, placed in their paddock, and help Judith with her energy work (their input was amazing) They returned from their 320 acres precisely each evening when she appeared for dinner and their daily Reiki treatment. Judith also channeled some important messages from the horses, a continuation of material they wrote in Book 2 (Truth According To Horses)

From The Herd (Channeled by Judith):
"The horses here are transmitting much dense energy for humans. There are 14 horses now for a reason. They are covering various levels of consciousness and personality types. It is important for people to be able to relate to different horse personalities so they can help them explore or release those elements in themselves.

Judith was right when she saw a stream of people coming here. Internationally they will come in streams and droves to absorb our teachings and to play. Humans will come to play, to visit that place of joy and absorb that from being in our presence". (from Liz: - the horses are speaking here of horses and people around the globe developing strong new liaisons for the bringing forth of truth and light)

From Prima

"The horses are helping by bringing through light and helping shift consciousness for all humans and animals. As each person raises consciousness it shifts the whole. Because of the strength and size of our bodies, we can bring through much energy. When you touch us we can transfer the energy of power and freedom, and when you touch us in consciousness it accelerates the frequency".

From L.E.

"Our mission as a herd, but mine in particular, is to help ground people in their wisdom and tap into that intuitive place. It is the wise ones who come to me and I am honoured to assist those to express their wisdom and anchor it for them.

There is much information being given right now, and wisdom and discernment are important. I am here to hold the grounding and the balance. Anything done in extreme loses its potential to be effective".

From Diva

"As you are doing for us, to help us anchor this energy we are doing for you. We are helping you with your physical strength so that you can go forth and do what is necessary. We are developing a strong foundation for what is to come".

Judith gave Liz the following testimonial:

"I have had the pleasure and great honour to spend time with Liz and the "herd". Liz is a gifted visionary who knows at a very deep heartfelt level what it is going to take to shift our world and she applies this deep knowing everyday with these horses. She is proving that when animals are treated with love, reward and respect for their part in our evolution, they respond with the same kind of respect. It comes down to what we all already know, is that animals (and people) either react from fear or love…….and wouldn't you want to be around animals that are reacting to you with love and cooperation, than from fear and domination? Hmmm…..could we maybe be applying this to our human relationships as well? I have experienced the powerful physical and spiritual relationship with these horses that I know is possible with all living forms on our earth. Thank you Liz for staying true to what you know to be."

- Judith Onley, Reiki Master and Spiritual Mentor

You can visit Judith at

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Liz Mitten Ryan