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Issue 9 - December, 2007

Whew! Only one more trip to town before my holiday starts. I don’t know why I have this insane desire to nurture all living things, but over Christmas it makes me dizzy trying to make sure all six children and seven grandchildren as well as friends and all of the aboves’ pets are all well looked after and all have an equal amount of gifts!

I am very ready to slow down now for a couple of months and rest in the healing company of my horses, dogs and cats. It has been a whirlwind three months doing presentations and signings, television, radio and newspaper interviews for One With the Herd: Kamloops, Calgary, Toronto, The Sunshine Coast, Kamloops again, Phoenix, Sedona and Seattle. I have met so many wonderful people who love and understand the gifts animals have to give us. On my journey I had the privilege to meet Linda Kohanov ( and Kim McElroy ( who have just released “Way of the Horse”, a wonderful book and card set exploring equine archetypes for self discovery.

I also had the pleasure of finally meeting Lisa Ross Williams, host of “If your horse could talk show” and her husband Kenny in person; who will be holding clinics on all aspects of natural horse care at their new home near Sedona. Visit their site to learn more at

I have made a commitment to help any animal welfare groups who could fundraise with the book and will be going back to Tuscon in March to make a presentation for Equine Voices who are hosting their yearly fundraiser for several hundred people.

They are working to save PMU mares and foals, a large portion of which come from Canada. Its unthinkable how the PMU horses are treated, standing in narrow cement stalls unable to lie down throughout their pregnancy, then their babies are taken to slaughter and the mares as well when the facilities shut down.

I know that in this decade mass consciousness will shift and all those tortured and abused animals will be given rights and freedoms. Humans have got to understand that there is only one consciousness, one creative life force in all life. Every pig, chicken, dog, cat, monkey, rat, mouse, rabbit, horse is a miraculous expression of the ALL in life. They experience the same emotions we do. Love, joy, pain, grief, longing, desperation, and mind numbing depression. I just wrote an article for Equine Wellness Magazine which is an amazing publication with lots of natural, healthy alternatives to traditional horse care. The article is about how riders worldwide believe it is essential to torture and punish their horses with various degrees of tack. Surely with the rise of natural horsemanship and learning to be in partnership and harmony with our horses we can establish a friendship and communication that does not require bits, crops, spurs or tie downs.

A great book to read is “Horses Never Lie – The Heart of Passive Leadership” by Mark Rashid. “Oftentimes we get so hung up on accomplishing goals or relying on techniques or methods that we don’t allow that piece of ourselves – the piece that lets the horse know we can be trusted - to shine through.”

I have long ago given up on bits and ride all of my horses with a rope halter and clip on leather reins. We have relationships that foster joy instead of pain. What is really interesting is that every time I lend my halter and reins to a friend to try on their horse, they are amazed that it is all they need.

From the Horses:

We would like you people to try something: close your eyes and simply feel what it is like to be you. Sense each area of your body and what it is feeling. Go into your heart and experience the memory of love for all those you cherish. Go into your mind and experience the feeling of “isness”, “Allness”, “Iness”, the state of simply being. Then let your thoughts go to an activity like sleeping, playing or eating; “ness” and “ing” are universal concepts we all experience. We have only to look through our individual “I” or eye to see our version of the picture. There isn’t a created thing that isn’t the same “I” deep inside. All those “I’s”, whether that “I” is a mouse or a human – that is the part of us that is - both one and ALL. There is only one experience and it is God’s (or the ALL’s) experience through us all.

Try to imagine yourself in each and every facet of life looking out through their eyes and feeling those same feelings in another shape and form. Try to experience being in the body of a horse with an unintelligible, unfocused human kicking and whipping while believing they are communicating their desires through the cold, hard and painful bar of steel that is pinching and cutting your mouth. “Dance, mould yourself to our rhythm, our bodies” they say, while cutting off our air and wrenching our back and sides with saddles that hurt with every move. Now imagine how it could be if we loved you; if every dance was one of joy of harmony between two souls.

            May the true meaning of the “Holy Spirit” be with you this Christmas and to all of you who are trying to understand our message, thank you; “We are happy to carry you, to that place where we will all stand together in the sun.”                        

In closing I would like to leave you with the two biggest gifts that horses help us to remember. Truth, for when we discover our own individual truth, our lives become a joy and a blessing to ourselves and others; and Intuition for when we listen to it we are guided to discover our heart’s desires.
May you all in your own special way help the light to shine more brightly so that one day, darkness will not exist. May you all rejoice in the birth of Christ, God’s Holy Spirit made flesh.

Blessings from Liz and the Herd.


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Liz Mitten Ryan