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Welcome to the Liz Mitten Ryan art site. Liz has been a professional artist since the age of 16 and a published artist since 1989. Her artwork reflects the nature and animals that she loves, and along with extreme precision and attention to detail, they possess an energetic application of light and color. She connects to her subjects through a clear channel to higher consciousness and the resulting artistic creation, whether a realistic portrait whose eyes follow you around the room or the pure color, shape and vibration of her impressionistic art, is a vivid study in spirit. The scope of her work covers many expressions from photographic realism, to impressionism, palate knife color therapy pieces and fun 3D Mixed Media art.


We will keep the work offered on site current and for sale. Images marked with *Sold have recently been purchased. 


Although the Equinisity Retreat season from April through October fills her time with horse, human, animal and nature healing retreats (, Liz has the winter season to paint and write. She is often commissioned to paint animal portraits. A cross section of her work is also showcased in several of her books.

Please click on one of the paintings below to see more from that category or use the menu buttons at the top of the page.

The paintings on this site are all original acrylic on gallery wrap canvas. They are all large with the average approximate size being 32" x 50" inches (or 84 united inches).

Special portraits or commissions are available though the price needs to be discussed. 

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